Terms & Conditions


  • I will beta read in any book category except technical-related material and poetry (excluding historical and archaeological).
  • I will proofread in any book category except technical-related material and poetry (excluding historical and archaeological).
  • I will edit in most genres excluding children’s books and poetry. Editing in historical fiction will not include fact-checking, but will focus on other aspects including characters and plot.
  • I am not easily offended and will accept extreme and explicit content.
  • Although based in the UK, I work in both US English and UK English.
  • If, after a sample edit, I feel I am not the right person to work with you, I will tell you and, where possible, offer suggestions for other companies.



  • A deposit of $25, subtracted from your overall bill, is required to reserve your date on my schedule.
  • Should you not submit your manuscript on time, you will forfeit 100% of the deposit.
  • Should you need to reschedule, you must advise me one week prior to the scheduled date and I will reschedule according to my calendar at the time.
  • Should you need to cancel, you must advice me one week prior to the scheduled date, or you forfeit 100% of the deposit.


  • All payment is in US dollars and must be paid through PayPal.
  • All payments are non-refundable.
  • The remainder of your bill is due upon completion of the service, and must be received in full before your manuscript is returned.
  • All transactions will be invoiced via PayPal’s system.
  • PayPal’s 4.4% service fee will be shouldered by the client.


  • I offer 100% confidentiality in all work and conversations undertaken with the client. I will never reveal your pen name or pass your information to a third party and I will never discuss any of your content elsewhere.


  • I will respond to all enquiries within 48 hours.
  • Please enquire via the Contact Form on this website, or e-mail pinpointedits@gmail.com.

Turnaround time

  • Turnaround time varies depending on length of manuscript and selected service. Average turnaround time is two weeks. Please advise me of your specific timeline at the enquiry time and I will endeavour to meet this; however, if I believe your timeline will impact the quality of your final manuscript, I may decline your booking.
  • Rushed work: there is a supplement of 10% for rushed work. Please advise me in the enquiry stage if this is required.

The process

  • It is imperative that you do not make any changes to your manuscript once you have sent it to me for editing. This ensures there is only one working manuscript and avoids any confusion.
  • I use the ‘track changes’ function in Microsoft Word for any in-line changes.
  • Services which include an editorial report will receive this in PDF format.
  • The author takes full responsibility for the finished product and is highly advised to review final changes before publication.
  • The author agrees to send the published work in either ebook or print version.
  • I will never write a review of your work on any media platforms, due to this representing a conflict of interest.

Service agreement

  • A service agreement will be signed electronically between you and I, outlining everything on this page and any additional information discussed in the booking stage. This will be sent once the deposit is made and must be signed before any work will be undertaken. This contract is binding.


  • Credit must be provided in the Copyright section of your book as: [service] by Pinpoint Editing.
  • For e-book listings, please include me as your editor in the ‘contributor’ field as Pinpoint Editing.