Editing Services


Line and Copy Editing

This is an in-depth service including in-line changes. It focuses on grammar, consistency, accuracy, pacing, tense, perspective, repetition, readability, clarity, plot, characters, transitions etc. This services looks at your writing, content and concept.

$0.005 / word

Developmental Editing

If your manuscript is not yet ready for my normal editing service, this service helps refine your writing skills, alongside your overall manuscript and concept. We will work extremely closely throughout the process, to ensure your work is the best it can be.

Extensive re-writes can be expected throughout this process, which includes in-line editing and an overall report. It is essentially a combination of copy and line editing, beta reading, and writing coaching.

$0.007 / word


An essential check for any basic, missed mistakes, such as spelling, grammar, consistency, and minor formatting.

$0.003 / word

Beta Reading

I bring my experience from both an editor and a reader’s perspective, providing in-depth critical feedback about your plot, characters, and writing. No in-line changes will be made to your manuscript but you will receive a full report.

$0.001 / word