Absolution by Khai L. Bayne


Absolution by Khai L. Bayne

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“The Elements will come together as one. The Broken will become Whole. A gateway will open and Destiny revealed.” Part of the prophesy has been spoken, but is it too late to come into fruition?

Artisyn is trying to escape her Fated path, but little does she know, it doesn’t matter where she goes or how hard she tries to hide; there’s no escaping that which is meant for her.

Join Niall, Khaleb, Abel, and Dionysos, with the help of Theodore, Takahiro, and Réri as they continue their search for their missing lover and friend. New friendships will be forged and bonds will grow stronger as they’re pushed to their limits. Old enemies will set their differences aside as they work towards a common goal, and everyone’s true destinies are finally uncovered. Can they find Artisyn in time to stop her from sacrificing herself? Will they make it in time, or is it already too late to stop her from doing something that will ultimately affect them all?