Shattered by Claire Lalique

Guess what’s back on Amazon!
SHATTERED, book one of the series, has been re-worked, re-covered and re-formatted and is now available!
Shattered Cover
This was proofread and formatted by Pinpoint Editing.
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SHATTERED is meant to be FREE.
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Formatting Wednesdays

I’ve decided to make Wednesdays my go-to day for formatting. If you want your work formatted, you’ll need to let me know and get your booking in by midday each Tuesday.

Formatting is $30 for ebook only and $50 ebook and paperback.

If you upgrade to a format for a book I’ve edited/proofread/beta read, you’ll get the formatting for half-price.

This week, I worked on SHATTERED by Claire Lalique and HIS TO OWN by Autumn Winchester. You can see sneak peeks of both below!

Don’t forget to book your formatting before midday Tuesday!

Rose de Muerte is LIVE!

Happy release day Natalie Bennett! 

Rose de Muerte was edited by Pinpoint Editing—check out the synopsis and one-click now!




Roselynn ‘Rose’ Morgue is in love.
That sounds good on the surface, but nothing about Rose’s life is ever simple.

The object of her affection is not only her stalker, he’s also supposed to be dead, and that little fact throws a wrench in her plan to reinvent herself.

You see, Rose is far more twisted than anyone would ever believe, and will do whatever it takes to ensure no one ever finds out the truth about her past. But when a series of murders begin, Rose’s secrets rise to the surface, and one extremely pissed off secret can’t wait for her to get what she deserves.

*Trigger Warning*
Bad Sh*t happens.
This book will not entice warm fuzzy feelings.

(This book is a standalone prequel that sets the stage for Pernicious Red).

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