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by Tracy Lorraine

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Lilly’s life has been shattered by her ex. Few people know the truth about what happened that day. Lilly is trying to put the past behind her but everyone around her is moving on with their lives and it’s a constant reminder of what she’s lost. Lilly throws herself into university and her part time job as a distraction. What she doesn’t expect is for an unwanted promotion to once again send her world into a tailspin.
Will she be able to let her guard down, open her heart once again and fight for the happiness she deserves?
Lucas could never have imagined that his life would turn out like it has. Supportive parents, a powerful job and more money than he knows what to do with. On the surface he looks like the perfect businessman but Lucas is not only hiding his past but also who he really is. The only thing missing is something he swore he never wanted. When he finds a broken Lilly in his sanctuary will he be able to push his fears of love aside and be the man she needs?
Individually they have a lot of demons that have the potential to break them but will they be strong enough together to face them?

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**Please Note: 5 days after release Lilly
will be exclusive to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited**
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Snippet 1

I wake with a start. Something’s not right. When I open my eyes, I know
immediately what it is.
Lucas is propped up with his back against the headboard and he’s looking
down at me with an amused expression. I blink a couple of times, thinking I’m
seeing things, but then the memories of last night slam into me.
Oh holy cow, I slept with my boss and he’s still in my bed. Naked. Crap.
“Good morning, beautiful.”
“Oh my God,” I whisper before diving under the covers. I can’t believe I’ve
done this. I should never be allowed to drink wine ever again. I’m naked, in
bed, with my boss. I mean, could I screw this whole situation up any more? I
was just meant to be cleaning his room, and now look. I was more than happy
when I thought he was a smooth-talking businessman, but now I’ve seen
that’s only one side of him. Last night, he was anything but. I’m in trouble.
Serious trouble.
Ruthless businessman

Snippet 2

I’m just pouring the milk in when I hear the door click shut. I look around
the corner to see Lucas walking in, looking a little like the morning after we
first slept together. I swear my girly parts do a little dance at the sight of him.
He just unzips his hoodie before he looks up and spots me. His eyes shine
with what I hope is excitement as they run down my body, which is covered in
his perfect white shirt.
I do the exact same thing as I run my eyes over every inch of the sexy bad
boy in front of me. He’s wearing a pair of low slung jogging bottoms with the
waistband of his boxers showing. His black hoodie is undone, showing off the
glistening sculpted perfection underneath. He has his hood up, making him
look like the bad boy you should never talk to, let alone get close to.
I watch, amazed, as he reaches up and knocks the hood off his head. He
runs his hands through his hair, making it stick out in all directions.
“Enjoying yourself?” he asks with a smirk.
“Guys in suits with perfect hair aren’t really my thing. This though,” I say as
I start walking towards him. “This is spot on.” I run my hands up his chest and
over his shoulders, giving his hoodie the push it needs to fall down his arms.
I squeal in surprise when I’m suddenly thrown over his shoulder.
“Lucas, what are you doing?” I shout as he walks us to the bathroom and
straight to the walk-in shower. He doesn’t answer, just turns its on, and we are
both blasted with ice cold water.
“Lucas,” I squeal again as I wriggle in his tight hold to try to get away. I
have no hope though; he’s too strong.
“What? Didn’t you want a shower?” he asks with an amused glint in his
This is the Lucas I like: the rough-looking, demanding, slightly arrogant bad
boy. Who needs a guy in a suit when you can have one of these?
utterly stupid.jpg
Author Bio:
Tracy Lorraine is a M/F and M/M contemporary romance author. Tracy has recently turned thirty and lives in a cute Cotswold village in England with her husband, baby girl and lovable but slightly crazy dog. Having always been a bookaholic with her head stuck in her Kindle Tracy decided to try her hand at a story idea she dreamt up and hasn’t looked back since.

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